Step 1 - Bang It

1) Bang the pizza (as if flattening pizza dough). Position hands in front, mid-body. Place one hand over the other while shaking your hips from side to side for four counts.

Step 2-  Shake It

2) Shake the pizza (as if shaking excess flour from the dough). Swing hands from side to side, mid-body, for four counts.

Step 3 - Spin it in the Air

3) Spin the pizza (as if throwing the pizza in the air). Raise your arms over your head and rotate in a circular motion for four counts.

Step 4 - Put it in the Oven

4) Put it in the oven. Close your fists (as if you were gripping the pizza shovel) holding one in front of the other, and place the pizza in the oven for two counts.

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Shake it.jpg
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