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Tony Modica came to this country as an immigrant and became succesful in the pizza industry. This foundation is a means for him to give back to the community through a program that benefits the elderly and the youth. Pizza is a favorite food of both young and old and its incorporation into a program which features song, dance, and pizza makes for an enjoyable experience for all involved.  Modica uses the pizza as an international symbol of unity. The foundation has created programs that promote unity; and encourages children to stay in school and improve their grades. After his lectures, the students and seniors are treated to pizza and a lesson in the Foundations original Pizza Dance--a step choreographed to mimic the art of pizza making. The pizza is used as a symbol because of it's varied toppings and delectable enjoyment that is recognized by all cultures and ethnic groups. The positive messages are enhanced through dance and the enjoyable feast and taste of pizza!


The Tony Modica Pizza Dance Foundation promotes unity and cultural appreciation through free public activities and have mobilized others to support a unified message of respect and appreciation of all people. The combined efforts are a great model of how government, not-for-profits; religious and private sectors can work together for the good of the public.

Pizza is undoubtedly the world's most popular food. The positive messages are enhanced through song, dance and an enjoyable feast of Pizza. The Mayor and City Council have recognized the organization's efforts in New York. By taking this program to a national level with it's fun spirited message. The Tony Modica Pizza Dance Foundation is a positive example of how private citizens and not-for-profit organizations can make a difference in the community with the support of business and government.

Help us make a change and spread a positive message to the world by donating, or contact us for more information on how to have us organize an event with you!